The birth of a new website


Welcome to, glad you found it.

As I am writing this, the site is in its infancy, barely a couple of days out of the door (and I’m afraid that right now, it shows). There’s only a little bit of content to view, and the layout of the site is a little bit ‘fluid’ as I change things on the fly (and when I find the time).

You are currently reading a blog post, and I would like to define the content of ‘blog posts’ here in this very first one, before I really kick into gear and get updating. I intend this website to be a great number of things. I intend it to be a repository for every gaming-related thing that I get up to that I care to share with the rest of the world (hello, world). It is a place for me to really speak my mind and let you know what’s going on inside the little bubble that is my gaming world. What am I getting on with outside of streaming playthroughs and uploading video features that could be interesting for visitors of my website to know? I currently haven’t got the foggiest, so I suppose it’ll be progress updates for now (and possibly me hyping over upcoming game¬†releases).

What am I up to right now? Well, I have the enormous task of setting up a pretty, functioning website that I care about greatly, and getting it populated with some good starter content. I am also applying for a role presenting an existing YouTube gaming show in my free time (It’s a great show, and will be a big gig to land considering what I hope to achieve). I really hope to get it, as it will compliment the activities I will get on with for this website, as well as providing me with another outlet for my passion for video games. It’s all very exciting stuff, and I hope to be kept busy for a good long time!

I guess I’ve rambled on enough for now. Here is a picture of where I currently reside.

Lovely place to be outdoors- looking forward to many hours inside playing games and editing videos :p


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