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Projects this year

Thought it was about time I reveal a couple of projects on the go. It’s been quiet n the Pirat games front for a while as I focused on film work last year; the short film that I helped produce, Closedown, won Best Fiction at the Newlyn International Film Festival and we’re still waiting to hear back form festivals throughout the year to see where else it might show. Pretty exciting!

On the back of Closedown, I would like to get back into filmmaking with Very Long Road but also pull in my experience with amateur game development, and make a live action interactive video game! We already have a team to work with, but there’s a heck of a lot of pre-production to work on first, as it’s quite ambitious. It’s a sci-fi and plays with life-threatening decisions where your loyalties will be challenged, and you must try to keep your cover under increasingly dangerous scenarios. That’s about all I can say on that for now!

I will also be attending UK Ponycon 2018 in Nottingham this Autumn, and have a small plan for a little game to make to share at that event, so look forward to news on that some time this summer!

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