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Peter’s Pile of Shame #1 – Montas – The Killer Bits

Each week Peter trawls through his Steam library picking out those random titles that have been abandoned, never completed and (in some cases) never even played. This week he tries out the indie, first person survival horror game – Montas.

Developed and published by Organic Humans, you play as Joseph Walker, an accountant trapped in the nightmarish city of Montas. Navigate the corridors, streets and tunnels of a world that you’re never quite sure is either real or some terrifying, alcohol fueled hallucination.

It’s the curse of every PC gamer – The Pile of Shame.

A stack of games that grows ever larger with every Steam sale and Humble Bundle. You buy these games, convincing yourself they’re a bargain and that you’ll *eventually* get around to playing them… but never do. The pile grows bigger and bigger until eventually it takes on a life of its own.

Well Peter is saying enough is enough and is going to conquer his Pile of Shame little by little, every Wednesday in this new series.


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