Let’s Play – Nidhogg & Hidden In Plain Sight

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Hidden In Plain Sight and Nidhogg are the best multiplayer experiences that I have experienced all year. They both evoke feelings that I haven’t felt since playing old Net Yaroze titles and Klik n Play games with my brother when we were barely even 10. Really do check these games out, you can tell in the video just how much tremendous fun they are!

The Killer Bits – Let’s Cry… P.T. (Silent Hills Playable Teaser)

Taking a break from the often dark and scary Drangleic, Toby does his best to brave the PS4 exclusive – P.T. But, inevitably, falls short of actually touching the controller. In steps the valiant Peter…

P.T. (aka. Playable Teaser, aka. Silent Hills demo) was released recently during Sony’s conference at Gamescom 2014 and the internet instantly made it viral. The puzzles are fiendishly cryptic and even harder to solve when a deep feeling of dread accompanies every controller input as you anticipate the unfolding horror. This demo (and, indeed, the whole upcoming reboot to the Silent Hill franchise) is a collaboration between both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro and perfectly encapsulates Kojima’s engimatic approach to game design and del Toro’s ability to create atmosphere and scare the pants off you.

Prepare for the most realistic and terrifying experience that current gen gaming has to offer.

If you wish to experience P.T. for yourself it is currently free to download for the PS4 on PlayStation Store.


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Sonic High School – Part Three – Final (NSFW language)

Well we had to get here some day, and unfortunately today we must bid farewell to the greatest fanfiction that has ever graced the information super highway. PLEASE make sure you read the whole thing: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8085414/1/SONIC-HIGH-SCHOOL You can also find our previous streams of the story (as well as much more great gaming content) over at www.pirat.uk

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Late Night Dramatic Reading – New Leaf, New Start, New HELL!

Before jumping into the epic finale of Sonic High School, we warmed up with this Animal Crossing fanfic. Unfortunately, the first 3 chapters didn’t have audio attached so please do read them for yourself if you would like: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9461295/1/Animal-Crossing-New-Leaf-New-Start-New-HELL

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Late Night Dramatic Reading – Painfully badly written, and POKEMORPHS!

Hello! Another late night on Saturday, and more fiction just begging for a reading. This is posted in place of an actual live stream due to my being on *holiday* this week! The highlight would be the brilliant self-insert Pokemon fanfic, with Pokemorphs! We also try some dire Hetalia fiction!

The featured image is from the Pokemon fan comic PokéCombat Academy.

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