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Collect & share codes to customise Britannia! #BUCKBrigade

This is a new app that I made to provide yet another fun game that everyone at BUCK convention 2016 can play and share. Codes will be dotted about at different stands etc, and released periodically on twitter at the hash tag #BUCKBrigade. Also share the codes you find with others at the con and online to see how long it takes for everything to be found!

Here are a couple of codes that have already been released as part of the app’s launch: CUTIEMARKS and ONTHEMOOON

The app is developed by me with art from

8 Nights at 8-Bit – 10,000 EDITION

I have finally released it! The update to my first ever app, 8 Nights at 8-Bit!

8 Nights at 8-Bit

I cannot believe that my game was downloaded 10,000 times. I want to thank everyone who even gave it the time of day to look at in the Google Play Store! I set out to see if I could show my love for the Five Nights at Freddy’s games into my own original title. I wanted the game to be hard and to make the player think and try things out. This proved to make people hate the difficulty level and get confused about how to not die, so the biggest improvement in the new version is an Easy Mode!

I hope you all enjoy the new update to this game. Please share it wherever you can, and I sincerely hope you have fun!

Google Play:


8 Nights at 8-Bit

UPDATE: The game has a new version to play. More info on this post.


I have jumped back into game development and I thought I’d stretch my legs by having a crack at a horror game inspired by the brilliant Scott Cawthon 5 Nights at Freddy’s games. 5 Nights 3 was being teased when I started development on this game, but if you’re familiar with those games, don’t expect a direct clone here!

8 Nights contains two unique enemies that will keep you jumping back and forth to keep both in check, and to boot there is a generator that you must make sure is always running if you’re going to make it through the night. Do your best to see if you can survive the 8 nights and you will be rewarded with the original story playing out night by night which were voiced by the bar’s actual staff Rick and Toby!

8 Nights at 8-Bit

The game is out now on the Google Play store for all android phones and tablets!

If you don’t have an android device, you can play the game here on any html5 browser, including Opera on iOS.