Projects this year

Thought it was about time I reveal a couple of projects on the go. It’s been quiet n the Pirat games front for a while as I focused on film work last year; the short film that I helped produce, Closedown, won Best Fiction at the Newlyn International Film Festival and we’re still waiting to […]

So Long, 2017

Well it’s been a year, hasn’t it? In terms of gaming, many things happened, but I suppose that’s an annual occurrence. Arguably the biggest positive thing is the phenomenal first year success of Ninty’s Switch. The biggest negative thing would definitely be microtransactions, but I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing about problems with MTXs […]

New YouTube!

Ahoy and Avast, we have a new YouTube page to access all upcoming Pirat content. Youtube.Pirat.UK Please subscribe! The old channel’s videos will be refreshed and uploaded there over time, so none of the Pirat content that was here will be lost!

Peter’s Animation and Filmmaking Showreel

I have two showreels to show you. The first is my all-encompassing personal showreel, and the second is my showreel with a more corporate/commercial focus; showing the clients and businesses I’ve worked with, either as a freelancer, or working as part of a business, such as my time at HeadcastLab. Enjoy! Personal Showreel Corporate/Commercial Work […]


Now Free on Android Collect & share codes to customise Britannia! #BUCKBrigade This is a new app that I made to provide yet another fun game that everyone at BUCK convention 2016 can play and share. Codes will be dotted about at different stands etc, and released periodically on twitter at the hash tag […]

8 Nights at 8-Bit

UPDATE: The game has a new version to play. More info on this post. ———————- I have jumped back into game development and I thought I’d stretch my legs by having a crack at a horror game inspired by the brilliant Scott Cawthon 5 Nights at Freddy’s games. 5 Nights 3 was being teased when […]

How did I get my Steaming Pile of Shame?

Hurriedly, the reader scans down the text to make sure that the Steaming Pile of Shame wasn’t something scatological. The article opens with the assurance that this Pile of Shame pertains to the owning of unplayed video games. With a sigh of relief, the reader reads on… I have owned my current Steam account since […]